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3 Ways to Use Mobile to Boost Your Retail Business

Retailers are responding to this shift by investing in mobile-optimized websites and apps, as well as developing strategies for reaching consumers through mobile advertising. As the use of m
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Increase Conversion_Bike shop

Decrease Friction & Increase Conversions by Offering BNPL

When it comes to making a purchase, everyone wants the best deal possible. That’s why more and more shoppers are opting to split their payments into installments, also known as BNPL (buy n
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Financial Trends

5 Fintech Trends Helping Shape the Future of Finance

No matter where you go, you can't miss the changes in the fintech sector. Modern technological innovations are taking over the finance industry, and you'll likely see significant changes to
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Hair Salon

The Salon Owner’s Guide to More Sales

Are you wanting to grow your salon? Increasing the sales of your Salon can feel overwhelming. Here are 5 tips to help you grow without feeling like a sales rep.
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5 Secrets To Shop Smarter

From setting a clear budget to utilizing shopping technology, here are 5 secrets to shop smarter. You don't have to be a genius to shop smarter. All it takes are a few simple tips to get you
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How To Increase Your Small Business Sales

These tips will empower your business to connect with first-time customers, generate brand awareness, provide customers with new payment options, and improve marketing strategies to increase
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