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Buy Now Pay Later without the ads

The Freedom of interest free installments

BenefitsWhy choose Gratify?

When you choose Gratify at the checkout, online or in-store, you’ll only pay 25% today, and the balance over equal instalments. There’s no interest and no cost if you pay on time.

Gratify is completely free to use provided you make your repayments on time. But don’t worry, we set it up to automatically pay your installments from your chosen credit card.

We don’t sell your data to advertisers. We believe Gratify is a payment method, not a lifestyle choice. We just say thanks when you shop with Gratify.

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Gratify BNPL Online

FeaturesWhy choose Gratify?

Get what you want today, then start budgeting

No Interest or credit checks

Manage your cash flow

No app to download, no credit check that will hurt your score

GratifyGratify Pay vs other buy now pay later providers

Gratify empowers consumers with the freedom to pay for the things they love with simple, interest free installments.
Gratify Pay
Consumer BNPL
Always 0% interest
Simple web app with nothing to download
Easily see when your next payment is scheduled
Tells you how much you owe
Need to talk to someone? No problems, we're here 8-5 in your time zone
Provides a digital receipt for your records
Refunds are a breeze
Easily return goods and pause payments
other buy now pay later providers
So. Many. Ads.
Sell your data to other stores
Annoying offers from stores you've never bought from
Late fees that keep getting bigger
Make you download their app
Difficult to return a product

It's Simple - buy now pay later

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of interest free installments

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