Integrated BNPL built for payment companies

Capture more volume, transactions and revenue

The Consumers Journey

Payment 1

$25 Paid

Payment 2

$25 Paid

Payment 3

$25 Paid

Payment 4


Payment Companies

Optimize your ROI. Protect against volume leakage. Own more of the cart.


Simple to use. Secure. Integrated with your payment facilitator


shop now, pay later, feel in control always.

Stronger merchant relationships

Boston Consulting Group

“PSPs need to defend their own merchant relationships, particularly if BNPL players connect directly to merchants.”

Gratify increases your value-add to merchants

Streamlined settlements
  • One daily settlement for both card and BNPL transactions
  • Fewer vendors for a merchant to manage
  • Less complexity and more unified support
More revenue
  • More volume
  • Higher value transactions
  • Stronger, stickier relationships that reduce merchant churn
A better experience for shoppers
  • Shoppers simply supply their email and cell phone number to engage
  • Shopper-friendly interface to manage purchases, payments, and returns
  • No cross-selling or flooding inboxes with emails

Payfacs get more payments with BNPL from Gratify

Under the traditional model, payfacs have been unable to offer BNPL to their merchant partners, causing retailers to seek out third parties—and cutting into your revenue base. BNPL with Gratify changes this model, keeping payfacs in and your revenue growing.


Increase in payfac transactions with Gratify​

Trusted worldwide

Start processing your own BNPL transactions