Integrated BNPL built for payment companies

Capture more volume, transactions and revenue


Average increase in consumer basket size when BNPL is offered


The number of consumers who abandon carts or switch to cash without BNPL


The number of consumers who say they’d spend more if BNPL were an option

Gratify - By Now Pay Later for Payment Facilitators



will be diverted away from payment service providers

30% %

take up of BNPL today

means 30% less volume for Acquirers & Payfacs.

Incumbent BNPL providers each use a single payment provider

This diverts revenue away from the Merchant’s payment provider.



more margin by processing your own BNPL transactions

Payment companies grow revenue

by processing all of their merchant’s BNPL purchases and installments

Increase transactions

which supports your valuation narrative

Gratify BNPL transactions have higher margins

than card transactions because of the installment transaction fee

How Gratify works with you

Traditional BNPL providers take funds flow away from payfacs, ISO’s and acquirers. Gratify puts you back into the funds flow – so you process your Merchant’s BNPL volume. And with low-code and no-code integration options, Gratify can have your BNPL up and running as fast as you can onboard a merchant.

Gratify increases your value-add to merchants

Streamlined settlements
  • One daily settlement for both card and BNPL transactions
  • Fewer vendors for merchants to manage
  • Less complexity and more unified support
More revenue
  • More payments volume
  • Stronger, stickier relationships that reduce merchant churn
A better experience for card holders
  • Card holders simply supply their email and cell phone number to engage
  • User-friendly tools to manage purchases, payments, and returns
  • No cross-selling or flooding inboxes with emails

We have 2 ways to go live

Both approaches include everything from sales training to marketing asset support - All you need to turn up your volume.

Zero Touch Integration

Partner with us and start offering BNPL today. Zero code required.

Fully integrated

Streamlined integration. Single settlement. Stronger merchant retention

Optimize your ROI

Protect against volume leakage. Own more of the cart.
Boston Consulting Group

PSPs need to defend their own merchant relationships, particularly if BNPL players connect directly to merchants.”

Trusted worldwide

Start offering BNPL today