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Grow your in store sales by giving customers the freedom to buy everything they need with the flexibility to pay in easy to manage installments. 

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Grow SalesWhy choose Gratify to grow your in-store sales?

Make upselling easier for your staff
Customer service that actually services
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Stores are using Gratify to:

Help customers make more and informed purchases
Make upselling easier for your staff by reducing today's amount due
Give sales associates a new thing to talk to customers about

WorksHow it works

1. Your staff mention Gratify buy now pay later to your customers, and show additional products and services.

2. Customers pay 25% of the overall purchase amount today.

3. You get 100% of the purchase amount today less any fees

4. Gratify then collects the remaining amount due from your customer in interest-free instalments.

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When customers choose Gratify at the checkout, online or in-store, they will only pay 25% today, and the balance over equal instalments. There’s no interest and no cost if they pay on time.
Gratify is pay per use, meaning you pay a small percentage of the sale price to Gratify to cover lending costs. For your customers, Gratify is free as long as they make repayments on time.
We don’t sell your customer’s data to other advertisers. We believe Gratify is a payment method, not a lifestyle choice. We just say thanks when you use Gratify.
Gratify BNPL
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Increase Sales

Merchants always get paid at the time of purchase and we make automated installments a breeze for your customers.


Payment installments allow your customers to upgrade or add to their purchase.


Make payments fast and easy for your customers by sending a payment link via email or SMS – your customers will love it.

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