Boost your website sales

Get ready to sell more

Buy Now Pay Later from Gratify helps you sell more by automatically showing your prices in full, and in installment amounts. You get paid up front, leaving the installments to us.
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Turn more traffic into more sales

Increase your conversions and sales by offering BNPL as a way for people to pay. Your customers can buy the things they want today, and then start budgeting for them in 4 equal payments over 6 weeks. You get paid up front leaving the installment collection to us.

Sell more

Sell more

Help customers afford the things they want by showing prices in installments

Get better conversion rates

Get better conversion rates

Reduce shopping cart abandonment by making products more affordable

Show your prices in installments

Show your prices in installments

Let the Gratify plugin sell for you, with built in sales and marketing features 

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Features designed to help you

When you offer Gratify as a payment method on your website, you get:

  • A simple tool to help you be more efficient
  • Sell online, in-store and on the go
  • Flexible instalment plans to make your customer’s experience the best
  • Easy and stress free daily settlement
  • Reports for your accounting software
  • Works with your existing payment provider for even simpler daily reconciliation
  • Simple, intuitive merchant portal
  • Dedicated support team available on the phone, live chat or email 8am-5pm in your time zone

Less abandonment. More conversions.

Buy Now Pay Later lets your customers spend more on your website by letting them pay in installments. You get paid upfront and leave the installment collection to us.

The plugin that gives you a 5 star efficiency rating

With the Gratify BNPL plugin, you can manage all of your sales, inventory and refunds right in your webiste. It’s the fastest way to sell more and keep your efficiency levels high.

How it works

  1. Customers make a purchase on your website, and choose Gratify at checkout.
  2. They pay 25% of the overall purchase amount today.
  3. You get 100% of the purchase amount today less any fees
  4. Gratify then collects the remaining amount due from your customer in interest-free instalments.
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Here’s the top 3 questions new customers ask us

Buy Now Pay Later, or BNPL for short, is a way for people to pay. It lets them shop today, and pay over time at 0% interest.

Gratify is the only BNPL that focuses on you, the retailer. We don’t get in between you and your customer, and we never advertise your competitors to your customers the way other BNPL providers do.

Gratify has plugins for the most popular eCommerce platforms including WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento and more. Click here to see our plugins ( 

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