Sell more tires & services in a snap

Short term installment plans help you sell more

Buy Now Pay Later from Gratify helps you sell more tire packages because your customer can pay in installments. You get paid up front, leaving the installments to us.

Turn more traffic into more sales

If you run a tire & auto store, you’re probably used to hearing about finance packages for your customers that lock your customers in to long-term plans with huge interest rates if they miss a payment.

Buy Now Pay Later from Gratify is short-term zero per cent interest.

Sell more

Sell more

Make your tire packages more accessible to more customers.

Turn enquiries into sales

Turn enquiries into sales

Give customers a better option to pay, and help more of them say yes

Increase revenue per hour

Increase revenue per hour

You can sell more high value packages to more customers if they can pay in installments

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Features designed to help you

When you offer Gratify as a payment method in your store, you get:

  • Flexible installment plans to help your customers get what they need when they need it
  • A simple tool to help you be more efficient
  • Easy and stress free daily settlements
  • Reports for your accounting software
  • A simple, intuitive merchant portal
  • Access to a dedicated support team available on the phone, live chat or email 8am-5pm in your time zone

Short term installments can help you sell more

Buy Now Pay Later helps you sell the right items to your customers, not the cheapest.
You get paid upfront and leave the installment collection to us.

How it works

  1. Customers make a purchase and choose Gratify at checkout.
  2. They pay 25% of the overall purchase amount today.
  3. You get 100% of the purchase amount today less any fees
  4. Gratify then collects the remaining amount due from your customer in interest-free instalments.
Need Answers

The problems we solve

Here’s the top 3 questions new customers ask us

Buy Now Pay Later, or BNPL for short, is a way for people to pay. It lets them shop today, and pay over time at 0% interest.

The majority of our customers use Graity when their customers hesitate because of price. Offering installments reduces the price today, and lets your customer pay over time. It’s smart cash management for your customer, and can help you close extra sales.

Yes! Gratify is built to work online, in-store, and on the go. We provide you with free marketing material, and access to a Growth Expert, to help you make the most of Gratify.

Add Gratify to your existing payment methods

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