Instant Financing Starts Here

Create amazing credit solutions that boost your revenue, save you time, and increase customer adoption

Unleash the Power of Real-Time Finance

Increase sales and loyalty by allowing customers to pay over time for whatever they need

Identity Enrichment

Know the person behind the data they provide

Real-Time Decisions

Increase approvals using a sophisticated risk + identity rules engine

Flexible Payment Options

Create instalment plans your customers will love

Identity Enrichment

  • Boost Access for New Businesses:
    Verify the identity of their directors as part of KYB compliance

  • Raise the Bar with 2FA:
    Protect yourself and your clients with authentication services to weed out spam

  • Better Sales Focus:
    Let your sales team focus on the leads that will convert, not the ones made by bots

Offer Real-Time Credit

Boost sales and your customer's access to credit. Offer your own credit, or enable a marketplace.

  • Consumer Lending at POS
    : Enabling on-the-spot financing with instant credit approvals at the point of sale

  • SME Quick Loans
    : Support small and medium enterprises with fast, flexible lending solutions designed by you

  • Personalized Micro-Lending
    : Offer loans based on real-time assessments catering to a broader customer base

Merchant Onboarding

Intelligently escalate data acquisition and enrichment to reduce fraudulent applications

  • Use AI to Verify Documents:
    Reduce the need for people to read lengthy documents and cross-check data points

  • Crawl Public and Semi-Public Data Sets:
    Leverage AI and sophisticated tooling to ensure you have the right merchants

  • Enable Rapid Decision Making:
    Enrich your data set to have successful boarding experiences with new merchants

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