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Make your upsells more affordable for more customers with simple, 0% interest instalment plans built for small businesses

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GratifyBuy Now Pay Later
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Gratify Merchant
& Retailers
Get paid today and let your customers pay in instalments
You own your customer's - no ads or solicitation like other providers
Manage transactions and refunds via your store tool
Daily and monthly transaction reporting
Sell more online using Gratify shopping cart plugins
Sell more in-store with our QR code feature
Get started in just 5 minutes
Payment Companies
Gratify PayFac
Frictionless merchant onboarding
API platform access
Secure platform for merchant boarding, transactions and reporting
Customized BNPL sales training for your team
Gratify marketing to boost your merchant adds
Additional features specifically designed for payment companies...
Consumer BNPL
& Cardholders
Get what you want today, then start budgeting
Manage your cash flow
Prevent high credit card interest fees
No credit checks and no impact on your score
No app to download
Look for Gratify BNPL for online and in store shopping

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Consumers love when merchants give them flexible payment options. Check out how Suzie uses BNPL to score the Jacket she has been eyeing for weeks!

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Gratify Buy Now Pay Later was built with merchants in mind. Find out how Gratify BNPL is different – grow your business and dazzle your customers.

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