Better experiences await with Gratify Buy Now Pay Later

Make your accessories more affordable for more customers by letting them buy now, and pay later. You get paid up front, and your customer gets to experience more.

How BNPL Works

It’s consumer lending made easy, and effortless for you to integrate into your store.
Customer Pays in 25% Instalments
Your customers can easily make a purchase on your website and choose Gratify as their preferred payment method at checkout. Interest free.
You Get Paid Up Front
You are paid up front, as fast as your normal Merrco settlements. There's no risk to your business of not being paid.
We Handle The Repayments
After the purchase, and you've been paid, Gratify handles all the repayments from your customers.

Help your customers try different experiences

The bottom line is, Gratify will generate new business for you
Free Marketing Material
Display countertop signs and merchandise tags to build awareness with shoppers
Accessorize for the Win
Sell more unique items to boost your bottom line and form a bond with customers
Grow your Profits
BNPL purchases create transactions that were very likely not to happen otherwise

About Gratify

Gratify is a Buy Now Pay Later Company that is proudly Canadian having started in Vancouver back in 2020. Gratify believes that payments should be simple, integrated and offer a seamless experience for the shopper. This company was founded with a team of payment veterans with a track record of creating award winning products and highly scalable identity & transaction platforms.

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