Experience Seamless Payments: In-Store, Online, Anywhere

Discover the future of payments. Dive into an immersive walkthrough, from merchant order creation to effortless customer payments. Explore our demo videos and see the ease and versatility of BNPL in action.

Payment Flexibility: In-Store, Online, and Via Link

In-Store Payments

Enable rapid transactions directly at your brick-and-mortar locations. Enhance the in-store experience, ensuring quick and frictionless BNPL options for every customer.

Online Transactions

Integrate BNPL into your online store, capturing a broader audience. Elevate conversion rates by providing a seamless, attractive, and trusted payment alternative.

Pay Via Link

Empower remote transactions through direct payment links. Cater to on-the-go customers, making transactions as simple as sharing a link – ideal for invoices, email campaigns, and more.

Watch Gratify in Action

See firsthand how our solutions revolutionize merchant and customer interactions.
In-Store Video: Learn how merchants initiate orders, transforming in-store transactions with BNPL's seamless process.
Online Experience: Observe an online BNPL checkout through a simple transaction while handling the complexity behind the scenes.

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