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Why It Works

The bottom line is, Gratify will generate new business for you
Eliminate Price Shock
Position your product to work within your customers budget
Increase Conversion
Buyers tend to spend more at checkout because of the convenience
Increase Loyalty
Loyalty is formed when the purchase experience matches their lifestyle

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Plays nice with accountants

Stay organized

Access your Gratify account from anywhere to keep track of all transactions.

Gratify Net settle -  no end of the month headaches and reconciliations.

Export to a spreadsheet that works with all major accounting platforms.

Made by geeks

Gratify is live with all of the major tech platforms and payment partners
Upfront Payments
Merchants are always settled in full at the beginning of the payment period.
Irresistible Checkout Offers
Shoppers that get what they want on their terms won’t abandon their carts.
Put Customers First
Customers live on a budget and we make it work for them. No interest or hard credit checks.
It's All About You
You worked hard for your customers, don't allow other BNPL providers to give them to your competitors.
Merchant Centric Support
We handle all of the unexpected situations that arise just as you would want them resolved.
We Really Care
Gratify loves small businesses and will deliver exemplary service because we genuinely care.

More than you bargained for

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. All you need to know is right here.

Market availability
Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand
Length of payback period
6 weeks to 2 years
First customer installment
Due at time of purchase
Time between payments
2 weeks
Consumer APR
Default is 0%
Order size
$50 to $25,000
Time to 1st settlement
3 business days

Do your customers want to start now and pay later?