Boost Enrolments with More Accessible Student Financing

Instalment plans your student, admissions, and accounting team will love.

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From "How Can I Afford This?" to "When Can I Start?"

  • High interest rates with severe penalties for late payments
  • Tedious payment management
  • Inaccessible for a lot of domestic and international students
  • Approvals that take days or weeks
  • Student financing at 0% interest
  • Outsource payment management to Gratify
  • Accessible for most students with a Canadian credit of debit card
  • Decision in under 2 minutes

Grow Enrolments with Better Student Financing

Empower your admission and finance departments with a lending platform designed for schools

Boost & enrolments access
  • More students can sign up for your courses when instalment plans are an option
  • You can attract a wider range of candidates who might have been deterred by upfront costs
Streamline admission & complex paperwork
  • Create custom payment plans for each student, or upload your list and let students decide
  • Get customized marketing material for your school created by Gratify
Stronger student commitement and retention
  • By introducing instalment plans, you're demonstrating your commitment to their success
  • Our well-structured payment options allow students to focus on their studies and career outcomes

Intelligent plans with upfront payments

Students get flexible terms that make it easy for them to afford tuition. You receive upfront quarterly settlements. And we handle the collections.

Do your customers want to start now and pay later?