Embedded Finance Starts Here

Elevate your product line with an integrated BNPL solution. Command the user experience, enhance profitability, and drive customer loyalty while maintaining brand focus. It's time to provide the fastest growing payment methods.

How are Businesses Offering Embedded Finance?

Gratify not only enhances the customer experience but also unlocks significant new revenue streams, driving unparalleled value for your enterprise.
With Custom User Experiences
BNPL solutions empower enterprises with complete UX control, tailoring seamless financial experiences to their brand's vision.
Earning more of the Economics
Drive revenue retention: capitalize from a larger slice of every transaction.
Capturing Additional Demand
Loyalty is formed when the purchase experience matches their budget and lifestyle.

Who controls the user experience?

Your UI Matters Most

Embedded finance is more than just a pay now button. You need to control every aspect to maintain consistency and trust.

Our payments APIs are designed to keep your customers focused on your brand, not our's.

Own More of the Value Chain

Rethink the revenue paradigm. With embedded BNPL, the control shifts to you—capturing more fees and fortifying your revenue stream.

You can offer embedded finance

Gratify's APIs keep customers focused on the brand where the relationship has been built

Capture more of the Market

Seize control with in-house BNPL integration, meeting customer demand head-on. Elevate your revenue, boost customer satisfaction, and differentiate with a tailored payment experience unique to your brand.

Do your customers want to start now and pay later?