Unlock the Future of Commerce with BNPL

Boost sales, build trust, and enhance customer loyalty with Buy Now, Pay Later.

Why BNPL is a Game-Changer for Merchants

Top 3 Reasons you can't ignore

Increased Conversion Rates: Convert more browsers into buyers by offering flexible payment options.

Attract Younger Demographics: Appeal to millennials and Gen Z who prefer staggered payment solutions.

Boost Average Order Value: Shoppers tend to purchase more when they have the option to pay later.

How to sell with Gratify

It's instalment plans designed for you. And it's as easy as ABC.


Choose Gratify

When it's time to pay, create an order with Gratify for your customer.


Customer Checkout

The customer will receive a request to pay through instalments. The process is the same as other online payments and our funding decisions are instantaneous.


Receive Funds

Your merchant settlement is triggered when the customer completes checkout. Rest assured, Gratify does the rest from here.

Do your customers want to start now and pay later?