Finance purchases on a budget

Unlock the flexibility of Buy Now, Pay Later and Instalments. Split your purchases into easy payments, making shopping smoother and more manageable.

Unpacking the Benefits

student lending
Spread out your expenses without feeling the pinch. Make bigger purchases without the immediate financial burden.
student financing
Zero Surprises
No hidden fees, no unexpected costs. Just automated payments.
student loans
Instant Approval
Swift, hassle-free approval processes mean you can shop without the wait.
tuition payments
Boost Financial Flexibility
Improve your purchasing power without impacting your monthly budget.
Safe and Secure
Prioritized security ensures your financial data stays protected throughout.
instant tuition
Build Credit Over Time
Regular, on-time payments can potentially enhance your credit score, setting you up for future financial success.

Paying with Gratify

From instant approvals at checkout to enjoying your purchases right away, discover the effortless journey of Buy Now, Pay Later.


Choose Gratify at Checkout

Select the Buy Now, Pay Later option when finalizing your purchase. This integrated choice allows for easy, deferred payments without paying the full amount immediately.


Instant Approval and Split Payments

After selecting BNPL, experience a quick approval process. Your total is then divided into manageable instalments, often starting with an initial payment at purchase.


Enjoy Now, Pay Gradually

Receive your items immediately and relish the convenience of spaced-out payments. Timely instalments might even unlock exclusive offers and potential credit benefits.

More than you Bargained for

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. All you need to know is right here.

Market availability
Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand
Length of payback period
6 weeks to 2 years
First customer installment
Due at time of purchase
Time between payments
2 weeks
Consumer APR
Default is 0%
Order size
$50 to $25,000

Do your customers want to start now and pay later?