Innovation Meets Efficiency: Gratify's Blueprint for Payment Facilitators

Dive into the Gratify ecosystem, crafted for Payfacs. Harness rapid deployment, streamlined experiences, and enhanced approval rates, positioning your enterprise at the forefront of fintech innovation.

BNPL for Acquirers & Merchants

Our first product grows revenue for Payment Processors & Merchants

Fastest deployment on the Market

  • Gratify is build for rapid deployment into ISO, Payfac, and Acquirers
  • Partners board Gratify as a merchant, and can immediately offer BNPL on their rails

Seamless Merchant Experience

  • Digital onboarding with intelligent KYC
  • Rapid merchant activation with a suite of self-serve tools for online and in-store BNPL

Frictionless Checkout for Consumers

  • Checkout in less than a minute
  • No pre-approval required
  • Pay Online, In-Store, via a Payment Link

We Increase Approval Rates

Gratify accepts 21% more good loans while avoiding the same number of bad loans

We leverage more than just a credit score

  • Real time assessment and adjudication
  • Decisions auto-approve or flag for human review
  • 3rd party, internal data, behaviour, merchant history

A Payments Platform for Processors

Gratify is built as a platform to scale innovative products to and through the payment ecosystem

Do your customers want to start now and pay later?