simple & fast financing for your customers

Meet your customers payment expectations with instant approvals designed for fast checkout experiences.

Why It Works

Customers get a irresistible offer that improves the shopping experience
High Approval Rates
Our proprietary sophisticated underwriting technology finds more reasons to say 'Yes'!
Gain instant prequalification to buy with confidence, and benefit from a clear, single-fee offer without variable interest charges.
Budget Friendly
When your offer matches your shoppers' budgets, a significantly larger number of customers are poised to make a purchase.


Payments are at the centre of everything we do
Buy Now, Pay Later: Elevate your checkout experience. Offer timely purchases with deferred payment options to boost conversions.
Instalment Plans: Provide customers with tailor-made, flexible payment options, optimizing sales which cultivate meaningful customer loyalty.


Ensure that all the bases are covered when your customers decide to transact
In Store: Enable rapid transactions directly at your brick-and-mortar locations. Enhance the in-store experience, with quick and frictionless payment options for every customer.
Plugins for Ecommerce: Easily integrate with leading e-commerce platforms, ensuring every merchant can transact on the platforms they trust.
Payment Links: Empower remote transactions through direct payment links. Cater to on-the-go customers, making transactions as simple as sharing a link – ideal for invoices, registrations, email campaigns, and more.


Checkout with Confidence

Informing customers are eligible before they transact will instil confidence and ensure commit. This clarity boosts consumer trust, encourages responsible spending, and streamlines the purchasing process, leading to higher satisfaction and increased transaction success.

Accepted Funds

Your consumers' convenience is paramount
Credit Cards

Credit cards are a predominant payment method, ensuring you capture the lions share of consumers.
Direct Bank Transactions

Reduce transaction fees and avoid chargebacks by enabling direct bank payments. This method provides immediate funds transfer, catering to consumers who rely on their checking account.

Do your customers want to start now and pay later?