Seamless Spending Solutions

Discover the smarter way to shop. BNPL empowers you to stretch your budget, prioritize purchases, and enjoy now – all while keeping your finances in friendly territory.

Balance Your Budget, Boost Your Buys

With BNPL, every purchase feels just right. It’s a gentle approach to financial management, ensuring your shopping aligns with your savings. Choose well, spend wisely.

Discover the Gratify Difference

student lending
Budget-First Payment Plans
Manage your spending with
student financing
Transparent Pricing
Our flat fee approach ensures clarity, eliminating the burden of compounding interest rates.
student loans
Beyond Credit Scores
We see your potential, not just numbers, resulting in higher acceptance rates.
tuition payments
Borrow what you need
Whether it’s a small amount or a major purchase, we’re here to work within your needs.
Free your energy
Set it, forget it: automated instalments give you peace of mind after the purchase.
instant tuition
Fast approvals
Application decisions take 15 seconds. Other lenders take weeks.

We’re proud to keep it simple

At Gratify you are more than your credit score. We do do a soft check but its one of may dimensions we consider (and if we had our way credit scores would count even less!).

Pay in 4 (6 weeks) to 24 month Instalment plans
1st Payment
Happens at the time of the purchase
Pay in 4 is every 2 weeks, Instalment plans are paid back monthly
Credit Check
Soft check only. Applying will not impact your credit score

Do your customers want to start now and pay later?