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Gratify BNPL Payments

BenefitsWhy Payment Companies
Choose Gratify?

Traditional BNPL providers take funds flow away from payfacs, ISO’s and acquirers. Gratify puts you back into the funds flow – so you process your Merchant’s BNPL volume.

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More Volume

You process BNPL for your merchants at >20% more margin

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More Merchants

You will win and retain more merchants by adding BNPL to your payment methods

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More Revenue

You will make 20% more revenue when your merchants choose Gratify on your rails

PricesGratify Pay vs other buy now pay later providers

We have developed our BNPL to deliver all of the benefits with none of the drawbacks experienced with other providers.

Gratify Pay
Gratify Pay Tag
Process your own BNPL volume
Offer BNPL to your own merchants
Own more of your merchant's shopping cart
BNPL for your merchants online, instore, by invoice
Payfac portal for complete transaction transparency
Dedicated Partners team to support you and your teams
Local merchant & card holder support teams
other buy now pay later providers
White label means you have to manage a consumer brand in market
Rebate revenue is not core revenue
Rebate revenue stops after year 1
Does not grow your transactions
Does not grow your transaction margin
Introduces a 3rd party that could service your merchants payments requirements - cutting you out of the equation
Gratify Merchant

A BNPL platform that grows your revenue 

You process your own BNPL volume and we integrate to you (zero dev sprints required by you) resulting in 20-30% more transaction revenue

Get started by boarding Gratify as a merchant

Frictionless merchant onboarding

Progressive KYC to ensure merchants don't have to supply the same information twice

Payfac, Merchant and Consumer portals for complete transaction transparency

Leverage Gratify marketing to boost your merchant adds

Get customised BNPL sales training for your team

We handle BNPL support until your team is ready to take it over

BenefitsHow Gratify works with you

Gratify puts you back into the funds flow – so you process your Merchant’s BNPL volume. And with low-code and no-code integration options, Gratify can have your BNPL up and running as fast as you can onboard a merchant.

  • One daily settlement for both card and BNPL transactions
  • Fewer vendors for merchants to manage
  • Less complexity and more unified support
  • More payments volume
  • Stronger, stickier relationships that reduce merchant churn
  • Card holders simply supply their email and cell phone number to engage
  • User-friendly tools to manage purchases, payments, and returns
  • No cross-selling or flooding inboxes with emails
Gratify PayFac

Offer BNPL5 reasons you need to offer
BNPL to your merchants


Increase transaction revenue by 33%, guaranteed

Process Transactions

Process more transactions on your own rails

Protect Volume

Protect your volume - don't let other BNPL steal it

Protect Merchants

Protect your merchant relationships

Shopping Cart

Own more of the shopping cart

PartnersTrusted Payment Partners

TechnologyWe Integrate With These Carts and more!

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