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What is buy now pay later?

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) lets buyers take things home today and pay for it later - interest free. Stores get paid upfront, leaving installment collection to the BNPL provider.

Stores sell a lot more when they offer BNPL; consumers spend up to 61% more because they can buy now and budget for it later.

Instant Gratification

Take items home today and pay it off over 3 more installments.

Instant Approval

Installment plans are approved in seconds and are easier to get approved than traditional credit cards.

Buy Now Pay Later is changing buyer behaviour


Of consumers bought more expensive items


Of consumers will use BNPL next year


Of consumers more likely to choose a merchant with BNPL


Increase in consumer spend

Use Gratify Instore or online

(or both)

In Store

Offer Gratify Buy Now Pay Later at point of sale. Safe, contactless and in demand.


Offer Gratify Buy Now Pay Later at the product level and at check out. Safe, contactless and in demand.

Why choose Gratify

No Cross Marketing, no Spam

Other BNPL providers will cross market other merchants to your customers.

Rapid deployment

Zero start up cost - get started today with all major carts.

Zero Process Change

Zero Risks.

No additional Accounting

Your daily deposit will include your BNPL sales

Gratify for your customers

  1. Customers make a purchase on your website, and choose Gratify at checkout.
  2. They pay 25% of the overall purchase amount today.
  3. You get 100% of the purchase amount today less any fees
  4. Gratify then collects the remaining amount due from your customer in interest-free installments.

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A merchant using Gratify

"It was really that simple, I added one number to my cart and Gratify BNPL was available to all my customers."

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