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BeautyCouncil Endorses Gratify BNPL Because

Help your Clientele
The fastest method for patients to secure funding for their dental needs.
Rapid Settlement of Funds
Funding decisions take 30 seconds and settlements are then automatically transferred to you.
Affordable & Transparent
Flat fees for purchases and no interest accruing charges.

Easy for Staff, Convenient for Patients

Digital experiences that are transparent and easy to use
Your staff can create payment requests in 10 seconds and then watch the funds roll in.
Patients can handle everything from their phone or computer. Our process is as easy as buying a shirt online.

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This calculator offers estimates, not promises of future revenue. Figures generated don't account for all variables or market changes. Don't use for detailed financial planning without consulting a professional. Gratify isn't responsible for decisions or actions based on these results.

Designed to Outshine the Competition

When funding is easy, it is a relief to your customer and becomes a key reason why they'll be loyal to your practice down the road. Here are the top reasons why Gratify beats all alternatives.
student loans
Patients execute orders from their mobile phone.
student financing
Our flat fee approach ensures clarity, eliminating the burden of compounding interest rates.
High Approvals
Our short payment durations are less risky resulting in higher acceptance rates.

We're Invested in Your Success

Training and Help Docs

We will get you comfortable using our service and always have helpful videos and docs to help you get along the way.

Proactive Support

When anything comes up, our friendly staff will care about your situation and have the means to fix it right away.

Marketing Resources

Consider us your Marketing Assistant. We've got lots of resources and experience to help attract and close new business.

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